Amy, RYT-200

Amy has been a Hoosier for only about two years, but a yogi for over eleven years. Amy took her first yoga class in her freshman year of college. What felt like merely a good opportunity to try something new with her roommate quickly became an integral part of her life. Like many relationships in college, her attraction to yoga was merely physical—a great workout that strengthened the entire body. Over the years yoga has become her spiritual foundation, providing a place to foster gratitude, compassion, and acceptance. 

Amy appreciates the varied intentions that a class full of yogis bring to their mats, and aims to construct her classes accordingly. She intends for every yogi to leave her class feeling more centered, more grounded, and more connected to their inner self. 

Amy finds the outdoors to be her favorite alternative to meditation on her mat. When she is not teaching or doing yoga, you can find her running, kayaking, biking, hiking, cross country skiing, swimming, gardening—really anything outside. She spends a lot of time on Monon walking her dog, Tahini, and her husband, Zach, so be sure to say hi!