Janice, RYT-200

Janice’s initial experiences with yoga were scattered over a few years and a few studios in Indianapolis during the early 2000’s.  With a strong background in classical ballet, Janice was drawn to yoga, but it was not until Kristine opened kOMpose in 2016 that she developed a regular practice and really made yoga a part of her life.  This coincided with a major long-term illness of a close family member, and Janice was able to use the lessons she learned on her mat to help her cope with the day-to-day difficulties of that illness and other aspects of life.  

Janice was drawn to teaching as a means to share this learned peace with others.  Her goal in teaching is for her students to leave the mat feeling more peaceful than when they got there, whatever that looks like for any particular student on any particular day.  She strongly believes that what is right for one person on one day may be completely different than another person, and she encourages variations and personal expression in her classes.