Jaymi, RYT-200

Jaymi’s journey with yoga came first through asana practice with Patricia Walden on VHS in 1997. A year or so later, she participated in a meditation intensive weekend where she was introduced to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and a basic meditation practice. The combination of asana, meditation, and philosophy opened her heart to the path of yoga; Jaymi returns to the mat, the floor, and the sacred texts again and again in times of stress and crisis. She practices yoga to restore herself, to find her center, and to cultivate and nourish a meaningful, spiritually awakened life.

After 2 decades of on and off practice at home and in studios, the time seemed ripe for Jaymi to deepen her own practice and begin to share what she had learned. At the encouragement of her daughter, she enrolled in a teacher training program. Her training exposed her to the depth and breadth of yoga. She began to learn and practice as much as possible.

Jaymi is most drawn to slow, mindful asana practices, whether slow flow vinyasa, yin, restorative, or stress relief style classes. She flavors the classes she teaches with yogic philosophy, scripture, and principles of the eight limbs of yoga to present a holistic approach to infusing practice into daily life. It is her hope that through a dedicated, sincere practice, she can bring the gift of yoga to others, so that we may all know peace, wholeness, and love as our divine purpose.