While Kathryn has been personally practicing yoga since 2014, her journey to instructing yoga for kids began through continuing education for her career as a pediatric speech therapist, with work experience in both hospitals/rehabilitation and development/school environments.

Always interested in the topic, she attended a conference in 2015, focusing on yoga and pilates for a child with special needs. While "treating the whole child" has long been an aspect of her education and therapy sessions, attending the conference shed new light on the phrase. She was excited to share the idea of breathing, body awareness, and movement to build strength and confidence in children - of all backgrounds and abilities. It was at this conference she was introduced to YogaKids, and decided to pursue certification through their program.

In 2016, Kathryn completed certification with YogaKids. She finds joy in sharing the fun of yoga with children, and the learning and empowerment that they experience through it. In a world full of "busy" she enjoys leading classes that provide the opportunity for kids to have fun and learn something new. Kathryn continues to work as a speech therapist in Indianapolis area schools. When not practicing yoga or speech therapy, she enjoys reading, being outside, traveling and visiting with her family/friends.