Kati B, RYT-200

Kati is a dedicated yogi, with 18 years of practice and 4 years of teaching, and has a following of students of all ability levels.  Her goal is to bring the practice of yoga to as many people as possible, and open up minds to the physical, spiritual, and health benefits of yoga and the peace and balance it provides.

She is always looking for ways to interest new students. One of her most popular classes is the monthly Yoga Rocks!, where each class features a different genre of music (70's rock, 90's hip hop, reggae, movie soundtracks, disco, punk, etc). Upside down is one of her favorite places to be, and she loves teaching beginners how to invert safely.

Outside of yoga, Kati has been working in the local craft beer industry for 7 years and is a Certified Beer Server with the Cicerone Program.

She also enjoys spending time with her much loved husband, Marc, and her almost equally beloved dog, Karl. Other passions include travel, reading good books (recommendations are welcome), music, and regular devotion to her own yoga practice.

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