5 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Workshop


You’ve probably seen flyers for workshops at your local studio, but why do teachers offer them and what’s their purpose? If you’re going to regular classes, why would you need to invest in a workshop? What is there to gain? 1. Alignment and technique. Often times alignment and technique are skipped over in class because the focus is on the flow. There simply isn’t enough time to get down to the details.

2. Neuroplasticity. A fancy word for pattern formation in the brain. As you learn how to do poses in an integrated way, your brain is rewiring itself. Over time, you can say, “Wow, it feels completely different this way!”

3. Questions. Workshops are a fantastic forum to ask questions. Questions spur dialogue and we can talk about topics in detail and with student interaction.

4. Attention. Regular classes can be busy, and it’s not always possible for the teacher to adjust everyone. During a workshop, you get more attention. There’s just more time and space to talk about stuff.

5. Experience. Yoga workshops are FUN! You’ll have lots of “a-ha!” moments. You’re there with like-minded people and a teacher you love! Working and learning together is really inspiring.