An Interview with Janice Gunst


When did you start practicing yoga?

About two years ago, I started a regular practice.  I had done some work with videos at home and occasional live classes for a couple of years before that, but it was very sporadic. 


I started a regular practice because I had heard of all the physical and mental benefits associated with a regular practice.  I also really wanted to get back in touch with my body while calming my overactive mind.  Regular classes have really produced a centering and calming effect.  

Why kOMpose?

What I like most about kOMpose is the people.  There are a variety of instructors with different approaches, but each creates a positive and encouraging environment.  The fellow students are really friendly.  I often find myself in conversation with a person with whom I have just shared a practice with only that shared practice as a starting common ground.  The atmosphere really encourages openness and acceptance, which is important to me since I am fairly new to the practice!

And Kristine always chooses irresistible new clothes and jewelry for sale . . . . 

What does yoga do for your life? 

Yoga has seen me through a pretty tough few years, with a lot going on in my personal and professional lives.  It has helped me find a space of peace in my mind while also giving me a fun and challenging physical outlet that supplements my exercise routine. 

With respect to the peace of mind part, I recently found myself in a very emotionally challenging situation with a family member’s health.  At the height of the stressful appearance, I found my notes from a kOMpose workshop I had recently attended, and it really helped me get through the experience.  Kristine’s workshop helped me find a peace within myself that got me through it, and serendipity (or whatever you choose to call it) caused me to find the notes at the exact moment I needed them. 

Advice for new yogis?

Don’t give up!  It takes some time to learn the poses, and that can be a bit of a stumbling block for people starting out.  But you can reap the non-physical benefits immediately if you don’t get too caught up in whether or not your Warrior II is perfect!

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