An Interview with Joyce Miller

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Meet Joyce Miller! Joyce is a Purple Posse Member and was also one of our first regular students at kOMpose. We love having her as part of our community and thought everyone would enjoy learning a little more about Joyce and how yoga enriches her life!

When did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing yoga about 18 years ago.

How does yoga enrich your life? Physically, the student always chooses the level of challenge in yoga. Every time I step on the mat, my body is different. That’s why form is the most important element. Regardless of how flexible I am that day, the goal is to maintain my form and the rest will naturally follow.

Emotionally, yoga requires focus. My body cannot maintain balance if my mind is still solving the problems I brought with me.  Deep breathing enhances the practice and quiets the mind, leaving me refreshed and calm when I leave.

Socially, of course, I have met some wonderful, supportive, and caring people on the mat. From a spiritual perspective, yoga is meditation in motion and enriches the soul.

What keeps you coming back to kOMpose? The studio offers a variety of classes, seminars, and learning opportunities which are constantly in motion. It is future-oriented and innovative.

Is trying a new class intimidating for you? No. Each instructor carefully explains each pose, offers variations, and constantly monitors the class to aid if necessary.

Why did you decide to become a Purple Posse Member? Yoga isn’t a once a week practice for me. It is a part of maintaining and improving my body, mind, and spirit every day. Purple Posse offers unlimited classes and is a perfect match for me.