An Interview with Kyle Rush

kyle rush spotlight (2).png

What advice do you have for men interested in starting a yoga practice?

Start simple, from the movement side the biggest hurdle is learning the names of poses and the basics of how to get your body into them.  Then you can focus a little bit on breath, just breathing and not hold in your breath.  Sticking with the same couple instructors so the cuing is similar helps a lot in the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the basic moves and names; warriors, exalts, mountains and folds you can through in twists, build breath, flow and critique form. 

What have you learned the most from your yoga practice?

Linking breath with the movement and tuning out of life's busy-body and out of our busy mind.  Once this ensnares you a bit it leads me to a more balanced mix of healthy habits in food, mind a, body, even meditation.  It is fine to fall off the mat and take some time off for a bit but a frequent practice (classes and your own) is pretty key and will change how you feel mentally and physically and how you handle stress at all levels (from the little things to the big ones) 

What misconceptions did you have about yoga before you started? How were they resolved?

Yoga is for all ages and all fitness levels (all classes are not).  Find the right classes/instructors for you.  Yoga can cover the gambit from slow/relaxing to fast paced/cleansing/clearing to kick your butt, it hurts to laugh the next morning.   Most studios offer a good first-time discount to try things out just pick your class wisely and run it by someone at the studio for their opinion.