An Interview with Molly Barett


Meet kOMpose member Molly Barett! Molly might win the award for most-classes-attended this year. Over the past several months, she's become one of our frequent regulars and we are thrilled that she's found a yoga home at kOMpose. Learn more about Molly and her yoga journey below. 

How did you discover yoga? When did you start practicing?

I am distance runner and have completed 15 marathons and over 100 half marathons. I also competed in many obstacle course races. Flexibility and balance was something I really lacked.  I built it into my training program that take several classes a week. I started practicing about five years ago when I lived in New York. I got injured my last marathon and fell out of practice and out of exercising in general. I have a thyroid disorder and as a result I gained 30 pounds. I started a diet at the beginning of the summer and knew I need to start a fitness routine and yoga was a place I knew I would be accepted, regardless of my ability.

What inspired you to start practicing at kOMpose?

I was speaking to my friend Robyn Burroughs, kOMpose yoga instructor, about my dietary changes. I explained I wanted to increase my physical activity but was intimidated because I was starting from scratch. I hadn’t done any form of exercise in three years. She suggested I try yoga. I said “I used to do yoga” and she explained the great thing about yoga is it never really leaves you. I took a class with her at kOMpose the very next weekend.

How does yoga enrich your life?

I will be fully transparent that initially yoga appealed to me as a way to help me reach my weight loss goals. I am down twenty-five pounds in three months and close to goal weight. Yoga is so much more than “exercise” for me though. I have met many amazing people, instructors and students alike. I feel like I learn something different from all of them! Spiritually, I am more balanced. I am stronger and more confident! I have more balance but still fall out of half moon and I’m ok with that! As a former competitive athlete, that’s an accomplishment in itself!!

What keeps you coming back to our studio?

I have been to many yoga studios in my past but what makes kOMpose unique is the variety of classes and quality of instructors. There really is something for everyone at kOMpose! I also really love the community Kristine has developed at kOMpose. I’ve felt welcomed since day one and never have felt self-conscious about my weight or practice.

Why did you decide to become a kOMpose member?

I initially thought I would take just one class to show Robyn support since she welcomed me to take her class, but the monthly new member special was such a great deal I took advantage of that. At that point I had no idea I would become a kOMpose addict and take at least one class a day, some days doubles! The staff made me feel so welcome and I got something different from each instructor! I feel great after taking a class (or two!) so the purple membership was an easy decision. I love the variety of classes and the quality of instructors. I am at kOMpose daily … it’s my new normal!

What advice would you give yogis who are just getting started with the practice? 

I have only been practicing for four months and was very intimidated to try any form of exercise. kOMpose is a place you will be encouraged and feel accepted no matter where you are in your practice. Your practice is your practice. You will lose balance, that’s part of the process. One of the strengths kOMpose has is the instructors take their time adjusting and explaining the poses so you learn proper alignment. When I practiced in New York, I knew the poses they called out but am fairly certain I wasn’t doing them with proper alignment. I was just going through the motions. My best advice for beginners is to be patient with yourself and be open minded! Try lots of different classes and instructors to see what speaks to you!

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