An Interview with Rose Scovel


Meet Purple Posse member Rose Scovel! Rose is a dedicated triathlete who makes practicing yoga an integral part of her training regimen. Learn more about Rose and how yoga has played a key role in her fitness journey below. 

How did you discover yoga? When did you start practicing?

How I got to yoga actually starts with when I started being active in the first place. I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes in August 2008 and started walking on a treadmill. Then, I did a race for Halloween and fell in love. In 2009 I was training to ride the American Diabetes Association TourdeCure and rode my first 50k that June. After that, a friend convinced me to start swimming again and do a triathlon. Go Girl Triathlon in August was my first sprint tri. After that, I got more serious about all of it and then decided to do an Ironman for the 10th anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis.

I knew a number of runners who were going to yoga at least periodically and I also knew I needed to be able to stretch because I was much less flexible than I used to be. I found a studio downtown and went to several different types of classes there. That was probably 5-6 years ago.

What inspired you to start practicing at kOMpose?

I was curious about the new place that opened below the Phoenix Loft and was peeking in. One day I decided to try a class and I liked the style. I had been to some classes at other places that didn’t “feel right” to me and this did. I really liked Toni’s classes. Then I wasn’t coming for a while, but then I really needed some deep stretching and tried Kristine’s yin class ... it’s perfect and I am a regular now.

How does yoga enrich your life?

Yoga is one of the tools I use in my triathlete toolbox. I want to be an Ironman. For me to be successful at that I need to use a lot of tools including a triathlon coach, swim coach, registered sports dietitians, a sports psychologist, a massage therapist, physical therapists, and yoga classes. The Sunday evening yin class is also a great way to transition from my big workout weekends back into the work week.

What keeps you coming back to our studio?

The instructors are great, the class offerings and schedules work for me at important times, the location is convenient, and the vibe is right for me. And yin. Did I mention yin? :)

Why did you decide to become a Purple Posse Member?

It was too easy to make the excuse that I was out of class sessions and didn’t have the cash flow (or want to pay full price) for a session so I just wouldn’t come to my mat. With the Purple Posse I don’t worry about it, it’s just like my other memberships/coaching. I pay it once a month and come to the mat when I need/want to.

What advice would you give yogis who are just getting started with the practice?

You will possibly fall over, or not be able to get fully into a pose, or not be wearing the most expensive yogi wear, or not have the best mat, or fall asleep, or fart, or…whatever…and you will be fine. Keep coming back to the mat and letting the work challenge you in new and unexpected ways. Consistency is what pays dividends.

My consistency with training, nutrition, and yoga has paid off with a weight loss of 60 pounds over 10 years, better health, and being off of diabetes medicine since this past February.

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