An Interview with Sally Bindley Millman


When did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing yoga about 6 months ago and fell in love with kOMpose immediately. It was the first studio where I felt at home. I initially started with restorative yoga and yin yoga classes and noticed how much calmer and stronger I felt after only a few sessions. Kristine encouraged me to try a variety of classes and I was hooked. My 16-year- old daughter has done yoga for years and we enjoy practicing together. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how flexible you are, everyone can benefit from yoga.

How does yoga enrich your life? Exercise for me has to provide more than just a physical workout or I won’t stay engaged. Yoga enriches me in a number of ways on and off the mat. I love how balanced I feel after class. Yoga strengthens my mind and my body. I also enjoy the social aspect of the classes and workshops. I keep coming back to kOMpose because it’s such a positive environment and I love how supported I am by everyone who walks through the door. Having the two rooms in the studio is great because I am able to try a variety of classes and work yoga into my busy schedule. Whether it’s an early morning class, lunch time express, evenings or weekends, I can find classes that work for me.

What keeps you coming back to kOMpose? The instructors at kOMpose are so encouraging and supportive. Some days I nail it and other days I struggle through every pose. It doesn’t matter what I look like or how flexible I am or what kind of day I’ve had, when I am at the studio, the instructors meet me where I am.

Is trying a new class intimidating for you? Trying a new class is intimidating for me, but only in my mind. No one ever makes me feel that way at the studio. As soon as I tell an instructor I’m trying something new, I’m greeted with warmth and fully supported. I walked into a new class the other day and the instructor knew about an injury I’ve been working through. She offered me a couple different pose variations and checked on me throughout the class.

 Why did you decide to become a Purple Posse Member? I decided to become a purple posse member for a couple of reasons. I like the accountability factor. I also like that I am able to bring a guest to class and introduce my love of yoga and the studio to others. The monthly membership has really encouraged me to try new classes and attend workshops that have enriched my life on and off the mat. As a working mom, it can be a struggle to put myself on my priority list. I know that I am healthier and stronger because of my practice and that physical, emotional and social health spills over into every aspect of my days. The purple posse membership is the ultimate gift to myself and also to those around me.