Create Your Own Flow in 2019

It is hard to believe that kOMpose is celebrating its 2nd birthday. We are officially a toddler!  

After class last week I made a comment to a group of students that kOMpose was celebrating its second birthday this month!  I went on to say that starting kOMpose has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but by far it has been the most rewarding. One of the students responded that she was surprised by my statement and that by outward appearances I had made it look easy!  It got me thinking (one of my favorite things to do).  How did I make my vision a reality?  

First, I had to push past my fear of failure. I was SOOO scared of failing. My biggest fear that was that the yoga studio would fail and I would have to go back to my law firm with my tail between my legs and hear my colleagues say I told you so.  But I couldn’t let my fear run the show. I had to give myself permission to lean into the constant discomfort that I knew nothing about this business when I first started it.  Nothing.  But I had enough confidence in myself that I could figure it out. As Marie Forleo often says, everything is figureoutable. And she is totally right.  I taught myself marketing, graphic design, website design, bookkeeping, construction and so much more.  I was so intimidated at first.  Overwhelmed.  But if I was going to make this business work I had to push past my fears and dive in. Google became my best friend.  And a funny thing happened along the way.  As I developed my new skills I started to gain more confidence.  I began to see that my fears weren’t real and that I really could do this!     

Second, I surrounded myself with amazing people who are way more talented than me.  Yes- I taught myself a lot of the basic skills that I need to use in the business.  I know enough to be dangerous.  But I knew that if I wanted kOMpose to be a viable and successful business, I needed to hire an amazing team of teachers and professionals to take us to the next level.   I cannot do it alone.  Everyone we have worked with during the past two years has gotten us to this moment and has made an impact on this business.  I am incredibly grateful for the team, past and present, that we have. 

Last but not least, being grateful for the good in every day and celebrating the wins, even if they are small.  Celebrate something every day.  Whether it is a note, a kind word, a party or a Facebook post, it is important to acknowledge the positive events that happen in the business.  When you focus on the wins and express gratitude and joy, you generate positive energy which creates momentum in the business.  You want to be in the flow, not go with the flow. You have to create your own flow. The energy and momentum you create from celebrating the wins (and having fun) will pick you up and propel you forward. 

How can you push past your fears in 2019 and create your own flow?  

Based on your vote, the word of the year at the studio in 2019 is EMPOWER.   How can you incorporate the word EMPOWER into your life in 2019 and make this year the best year yet?  I want to hear from you.  Share via social media, email or in the studio!! 

Kristine CamronComment