Expect Less, Give More

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”   - William Shakespeare

It is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us again. This last year has flown by! Next month we will celebrate our first anniversary! Stay tuned for details.

About a month ago I had a dear friend send me a picture of a beautiful family on a snowy mountain by cabin that was featured in the Tiny Prints catalog that she just received in the mail. Along with the picture was the message- “Why does this picture make me feel like I am not good enough?” In that moment, I felt her pain. That picture represented what Tiny Prints was telling us our holiday card “should” look like. But in reality, most of us are not going to have a card that looks like that! But those pictures in the catalogs often trigger emotions in us that cause sadness, discomfort or pain.

As we prepare for the upcoming season, it is difficult to avoid creating expectations of what your holidays should look like. The messages are everywhere. Pictures of families in matching pajamas on Christmas morning sitting in front of a blazing fire and opening presents. The Lexus television commercial where the car of your dreams is in the driveway with a big red bow around it. We even have our kids write letters to Santa and tell him all of the things that they want for Christmas. But what happens when those expectations aren’t met? We are often left with disappointment, sadness, resentment and in some cases, a lot of tears.

This year my intention is to let go of the expectations that I usually create about having a picture perfect Christmas day with my family that is depicted on the holiday card. My vision looks like this- Christmas music plays in the background, light snowfall outside and all of the family is around the dinner table (actually showered and in dressed in nice clothes) and enjoying a wonderful dinner that we all helped make and everyone is laughing and getting along. Even the dog is well-behaved! As you can imagine, this is my fantasy and not reality. But every year, I always have this expectation. Well, not this year. Instead, I am going to give my loved ones the gift of presence. I am going to let go of my expectations and be present in the moment with them. To allow the day to unfold exactly as it is supposed to. Admittedly, I am not the best at letting go or being present sometimes.  But Max is going off to college next year and Jack the following year, so my time with them is limited. So, I am giving more of me and expecting less of them.

As you begin to prepare for the holiday season, what expectations are you holding onto and perhaps, is there something that you can let go of? How can you give more to someone else and expect less (or nothing) in return?

Please join us for our Holiday Open House on December 6th. Your presence at the party would bring us great joy and we can’t wait to shower you with goodies and gratitude!

Happy Holidays!

In light and love-