Get to Know Your Yoga Instructor: Robyn!

1. On my playlist - at the moment I am obsessed with: “Adeline” - Alt J (basically I like anything they make)
  • “Ether’s Arms” - Lenore
  • “Blanket Me” - Hundred Waters (on repeat over and over)
  • “I feel like I’m drowning” - Two Feet (saaaahhh good and yummy)
2. What I am reading:
  • “Falling Upward” by Fr Richard Rohr.
3. What I am doing outside Yoga:
  • ALL the yard work. I’m obsessed with flowers, and can’t wait to start my veggie garden
  • Playing with my two kids and dating my husband
  • Preparing my body and mind for a major transition in life - turning 40 this summer!!! “Strong at 40” is my new motto
  • Building my Arbonne and Monat side hustles - clean the body inside and out!!
4.  What am I focusing on in my practice/ What am I learning:
  • I am focusing on embracing my love of fluid motion and movement into my practice
  • These past few months have been busy and intense for our family so I’ve been exploring the idea of margin and finding more “space” - in my life, and in my body as I’m on my mat
  • I have also been focusing on the first Yama of yoga, Ahimsa and how the hinge of non-violence is LOVE. Thus exploring the attributes of love. My favorite so far has been seeking humbleness and incorporating a bowing posture throughout my Asana practice.