How to Choose Your Word of the Year


As we approach 2018, many of us are considering setting resolutions for the New Year. But consider asking yourself—how has that worked out for me in the past? For me, it hasn’t worked out very well. I usually set the same resolutions- spend less money, pay off debt, exercise more and quit drinking Diet Coke. And each year by mid-February I have failed at all of them which leaves me feeling depressed and disappointed in myself. Not a great place to be to kick off the new year! Several years ago my friend Lynn introduced me to a new concept. Rather than setting resolutions for the new year, you choose a word for the year instead. By choosing a single word, it helps to bring clarity and focus to what we want to create in our lives in 2018. It is like choosing a mantra or a theme that helps guide your daily actions throughout the year so you can create a better version of yourself. And the great thing is that the word can apply to multiple areas of your life such as work, family, relationships, health, spirituality—and the list goes on and on!! In 2017 I chose the word CREATE. It is no coincidence that the word CREATE is in bold letters at the front of the studio. The word CREATE had so many different applications to my life at the time. In January, I officially launched kOMpose Yoga. After 20 years, I stepped back from practicing law on a full-time basis and began pursuing my dream of offering yoga to others in a warm and friendly space. But I wasn’t just creating a new business, I was creating a new life for me. The new opportunities and people that have walked into my life in the past year have helped me evolve into a more loving, open and vulnerable person. I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful.

How do you go about choosing a word for 2018? I think the process is different for anyone. Here are a couple of things you may want to consider as you choosing your word:

1. Reflection and Meditation- Reflect on the previous year’s events. Consider where you were successful (no matter how big or small) and where you need to make some improvements. Perhaps jot these down in a journal. Once you have reflected on your previous year, then consider meditating (or just getting quiet and still) and asking these questions, “What can I surrender in the upcoming year that is no longer serving me? What do I want to call into my life? How do I want to FEEL?”

2. Visualize- Visualize yourself surrendering those things that no longer serve you and filling that space with the hopes and desires that you want to call into your life. Imagine what your new day looks like. How does it start? Who is in it? What are you doing? Notice how it makes you FEEL.

3. Make a List- Start to make a list of words that are appearing more regularly in your life. Maybe they pop up in text, conversation or in your mind. There is a reason they are showing up! The Universe is giving you a sign. Don’t rule anything out. Just jot the word down and come back to it later.

4. Shorten the List- Refine your list to 2 or 3 words. Try the words on for size. How do they feel when you say them or think about them? Notice the FEELING. Does it make you excited, happy and start to tingle? Just play with them and have some fun!

5. Pick Your Word- Now that you have found some words that feel good, which one should you pick? There is no wrong answer here! But consider this, which word are you willing to stay 100% committed to for the next 12 months? There is a difference between being interested and being committed. Being committed means you will do whatever it takes to implement this new word into your life. And you are committed to change, right? Perhaps think about this for a day or two. There is no rush! Once you have selected your word, strategically place that word around you as a reminder. I put the word up at the studio in big bold letters so I couldn’t miss it! But I also bought journals with the word create on it and I had a bracelet with the word create on it. You can even create positive affirmations around the word that you can use on a daily basis. Stay tuned to learn my word for 2018!