Get to Know Your Teacher: Liv Reuter


Here are some fun facts to help you get to know Liv Reuter:

What is currently on your playlist?

I definitely switch up what I’m listening to based on my mood. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of SZA, Lauryn Hill, Glass Animals, and Slow Magic. But I also like to listen to New Age stuff in the morning like Wah! and Shiuli Subaya. As fall approaches, I tend to listen to folk (Iron and Wine has my heart) because I’ve always felt that fall and folk go hand in hand. My class playlists are always carefully curated to match my flow and the energy I want to evoke.

What are you reading right now?

I just finished Deborah Adele’s The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, which was incredibly insightful and a great read. Today I just cracked open Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. I’m not far enough in to know if I love it but it’s definitely captured my interest. I definitely consider myself a bookworm and a lot of my reading this past year has been about Eastern Spirituality and yoga.

Outside of yoga what do you spend your time doing?

I am currently finishing up my degree in Visual Arts Education, so I spend all day Monday-Friday in a high school teaching art, which I genuinely find so much joy in. I love to spend time with family and friends. I also love to read and relax with a hot bath and some essential oils or bubbles, which I try to do at least once a week as a little self care ritual. I enjoy singing and you can find me belting out songs in my car on a daily basis. I also have a wellness blog that encourages yogis to live their yoga on and off the mat.

What are you learning or focusing on in your practice?

I am really focusing on truly listening to my body and letting my breath guide my movement, as opposed to getting stuck in my head. Yoga is truly a moving meditation and I like to spend a good chunk of time in a seated meditation before my asana practice when I practice on my own. This also means that I’m learning to laugh and learn from my mistakes instead of pushing myself to get a pose that doesn’t really serve me. I’ve been recognizing when my body and mind are asking for a powerful vinyasa, and when they need a Yin practice. I went to my first Yin class over the summer and absolutely loved it. It’s such a great complement to my Vinyasa practice.

I’ve also been really enjoying incorporating a theme in my practice, and I’ll usually incorporate that theme for the week and notice how it changes from day to day, even when I’m not on the mat. My intention for the practice may change, but the basic theme, whether it’s the sacral chakra or balance, stays the same. I’m a fan of journaling and when I have a consistent focus for the week, I can see how my thoughts and views have changed from the beginning of the week to the end.

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