Student Spotlight: Meet Kate!


Meet Kate Hayward! Kate was one of our first Purple Posse members and we love having her as part of our community! In case you haven’t met Kate, we asked her a few questions so you can get to know her as well!

When did you start practicing yoga?

I started practicing regularly after my last marathon, which I couldn’t finish because of a nagging injury caused by years of running and not enough cross training.

Why do you practice yoga?

Yoga helps keep me centered and focused on my best adds a calm and introspection to my day that is always welcome. Physically, yoga has helped me get beyond years of wear and tear caused by running. I had been in almost constant pain, and now I move with ease and am far stronger.

Why did you start practicing at kOMpose?

The teachers are excellent and really teach—I know they’re watching me to ensure I’m doing the poses properly, and they’re generous with adjustments and advice. I feel cared for. I also love the community—it’s supportive and friendly, and nobody takes themselves too seriously. Finally, the space is gorgeous and clean, the props are great, and the location is super convenient!

Why did you decide to become a Purple Posse Member?

Easy–UNLIMITED YOGA! And the benefits are all ones I use, like the workshop discounts. It’s a great deal if you’re someone who likes to practice often.