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Imagine how great you’ll feel in 30 days!

Here are 5 Things to get You started

  1. Purchase your New Client Special

  2. Don’t worry, your 30 days won’t start until your first class

  3. Register for class online or download the kOMpose app to sign-up for the class that you’d like to attend

  4. Please plan on arriving at least 15–20 minutes prior to a kOMpose Yoga class. Free parking is available in the lot behind the building.

  5. To expedite your registration process at the studio, click and fill out your waiver here.

strengthen your body. steady your mind. soften your heart.

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Yoga 101 is an introductory class designed to help new students establish a firm foundation for their yoga journey. This free offering is exclusively for student's who have purchased the New Client Special to attend during their 30 day intro period.


Loving your kOMpose experience so far?

Sign up for an Empower Membership during your 30-day New Client Special period, and we’ll take $10 off your monthly payment. That’s unlimited yoga for just $99/month!

Empower Membership Benefits Include:


  • 12 month commitment

  • 2 vacation freezes (1 month each)

  • $16 drop-in for guests

  • 15% off full-priced retail (cannot be combined with other offers or discounts)

  • 10% off workshops, coaching and private yoga sessions

  • Free mat rental

  • Free kOMpose logo tank/t-shirt

  • Free quarterly member special events


What to expect at your first class


What do I need to bring to class?

You’ll need to bring a mat, water, and an open heart and mind. If you don’t have a yoga mat, no problem. We have extra yoga mats available for your rental for $3. We provide yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, and eye pillows for your use during class.

What should I wear?

You should wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, and that allows you to move freely but nothing too baggy or loose. Please note shoes are not worn during class.

What if I bought a groupon?

Select a class that you would like to attend and try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the state of class. Show us proof of the Groupon (paper or electronic works for us) and we’ll get you registered into our system.  Unfortunately, you cannot get register online with your Groupon. 

What if I’m late to class or need to leave early?

Try to arrive at least five minutes prior to the start of class. If you arrive late, please be courteous as you find a space to join the group. If you need to leave class prior to completion, please exit the class prior to savasana to minimize disruption to the students during this resting time. If you leave early, take a few minutes on your own to wind down and close out your practice. 

What should I expect from taking a kOMpose Yoga class?

Please see our list of class descriptions to find a class that is most suitable to your comfort level, ability, and your fitness/meditative goals.

Everybody comes to the mat with different things going on in their bodies. As such, we offer modifications for each pose to allow every student the opportunity to be able to fully engage in the pose in his or her own way.

Yoga is a not a competitive sport. Let go of your desire to compete or compare with your neighbor in class. Yoga is a practice, not perfection.  Listen to your body and tune into what is best for you on the mat that day. Every day is different. There is no right or wrong way of doing yoga!

Will I sweat?

Yes, most likely you’ll sweat. Sweating is a great way to release toxins from the body. If you are concerned about sweating during class, feel free to bring a hand towel to pat yourself down. We also rent towels at the front desk. 

BUT I am not flexible!

Can’t touch your toes? No problem, yoga will loosen you up. Weak arms and chest? Perfect, yoga will build your strength, progressively at your own pace. You can try yoga, at any age, weight, or for any reason, that desire to show up is all that’s necessary!

What if I have an injury?

If you have any physical injuries, please let the kOMpose Yoga instructor know prior to class so we can make sure that you are safe in your practice. The most important thing is to listen to your body. If something hurts or doesn't feel right, let your teacher know immediately.   

how many classes should I take a week? 

We recommend taking between 3-5 classes a week. As with most things in life, practicing yoga on a consistent basis is key. However, even if you can only get to the mat once a week, you’ll still see the benefits of the practice. We suggest incorporating meditation, breath work, and light stretching into your daily routine (just 5 minutes is all you need) to continue the see the benefits of your yoga practice.  

Do I need to complete any paperwork prior to my first class?

Yes, each new student needs to complete an Information and Release Form which can be completed online or downloaded here.  However, you can also complete the necessary paperwork at the studio. Please arrive a few minutes early to your first class and we will get you taken care of! 


What our students are saying about kOMpose…

I love kOMpose for so many reasons! First, I can go to any class and each practice is gratifying in their own wonderful way. The instructors are so approachable, knowledgeable and kind. They lead their students so bodies, hearts and minds are fulfilled! I feel the community kOMpose has attracted is a gift and represents the mutual adoration between instructor and student! It’s my safe place; a place I can go knowing I will leave more peaceful and enriched than the way I entered. I love you, kOMpose!
— Amanda S.
I’ve been to loads of yoga studios, and sometime felt out of place/uncomfortable as to where to go or what to do. Here, however, I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable. The lady at the front desk showed me around and was very welcoming. The instructor set up my mat while I went to change. The instructor was also great, as her class was super calming and she went through each pose with the perfect timing and explanation. Definitely my favorite yoga studio that I’ve been to, since moving to Indy
— Samantha M.
I love many things about the studio, the variety of classes, the friendliness and attentiveness of the teachers, and the overall peaceful and supportive environment.
— Elle J.
The instructor was really nice and made me feel really comfortable. It was my first time doing yoga so I was really nervous but the atmosphere was so relaxing and the energy was really positive when you walked into the studio. And the staff was really nice and friendly towards was refreshing.
— Kimberly C.
One of the things I love about yoga is the practice meets you where you are physically, mentally and emotionally. The Empower Challenge provides that extra nudge to move your practice a bit deeper by trying different classes, instructors, times and frequency. 
— Amy S.

Questions? We want to hear from you!