Olga, RYT-200

Olga’s youngest son, Ian, introduced her to yoga in 2013, the year before he left for college and emptied her nest. After 15 years of teaching Jazzercise fitness classes, she longed for something else to share with others. She fell in love with yoga philosophy, the fluidity of vinyasa class, the connection of movement to the breath, and the serenity she felt after yoga practice.

Olga has taken ballet classes from age preschool to adulthood and was a gymnast in high school and a runner since college. All these disciplines helped her learn to teach the intricacies of yoga asanas and the art of yoga flows with the added dimension of cueing proper alignment and placement of the body for a safe, comfortable practice. Her classes include creative and challenging sun salutations and offer fluid movements that integrate the breath and mind while challenging the muscles and body. Olga’s classes have a theme that moves toward a peak pose with the intent that everyone who takes her classes will leave with a calmness and centering that carries over to daily life. Olga’s classes infuse yoga philosophy so the lessons learned on the mat can be carried to life off the mat.

When not teaching yoga, Olga enjoys traveling internationally, running, Jazzercise, biking, hiking, interior design, and reading. Olga is also a full time Realtor.