Our Story


Our Yoga Classes Embody 3 Key Principles



Time on our yoga mat offers us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. We believe that stilling the mind and focusing on the subtle sensations of the body allows us to go more deeply into the self-discovery process. We offer an intimate, cozy space where we can return time and time again to our practices, prayers, and rituals to help us to connect to our inner teacher. 



Yoga strengthens not only the body, but also the mind. It develops our self-confidence to go outside of our comfort zone and to push our edge. Our community is designed to support the self-growth and development of our students. We also create opportunities for our students to empower and encourage their fellow students as well as community causes.  



The word “OM” has a rich history in yoga. “OM” is the original sound through which our Universe was created.  It is often called the “Sound of Creation”. We focused on the word “OM” in our name kOMpose with the desire of creating a space and community where students feel safe to create an intentional life inspired by their dreams.  

Our Mission, Vision + Values


Our Mission

Our mission is to hold a safe space for individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities that fosters community, education, inspiration, and support during your journey towards personal growth and well-being- body, mind and spirit.

Our Vision

To empower individuals to create a life filled with love, acceptance, and kindness to others and, most importantly, to themselves.  

Our Core Values

 As a company, we strive to uphold the three guiding principles that make us who we are and why we are different.

1. Purpose Focused

  • Committed to creating a safe space for our students to discover their purpose and meaning in life. Understanding that our purpose is our passion and finding our purpose often takes place on the yoga mat.

  • Conscious of the incredible honor that we have to support and encourage each student's unique journey through life. Teaching yoga is a privilege.

  • Doing what we love and loving what we do.

2. Belonging and Acceptance

  • Embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, skill sets and physical abilities. All are welcome.

  • Maintaining an open dialogue with our community and respecting everyone's ideas and views.

  • No judgement. No criticism. No cliques.

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3. Humble + Kind.

  • Creating an environment that is fun, spirited and laid back. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

  • Recognizing that our students have much to teach us about yoga, life and love. We don't have all of the answers.

  • Caring for our students, our teachers, our community, and each other.


Every unique name has a good story behind it.

We thought we would share ours.

Our story starts in the bar at the Northside Social in Broad Ripple on a Saturday night. Kristine Camron, the Creator of kOMpose, met her friend Michele for dinner and drinks to catch up. During the dinner conversation, the topic of the name of the new studio came up. The name of Kristine’s business at that time was Empower Yoga. But, as Kristine explained to Michele, as much as she loved Empower Yoga, it seemed that the word “empower” was overused in the marketplace and wasn’t “unique and different”. She was searching for a word that would set this new studio apart from others in the market.

And so the brainstorming session began. Michele, a former college professor and talented writer would throw out words that resonated with the core values that Kristine was instilling in the new studio- Discover, Empower and Create. They would go back and forth eagerly look up words and their meanings on their phones and sharing ideas back and forth. But nothing stood out.

Towards the end of the night, as the rest of the patrons started to leave, Michele mentioned the word “compose”. It was word that she had been playing around with recently in her own readings and writings.

Michele thought it was the “perfect” word for yoga because it had the word “pose” in it. Kristine wasn’t quite sold on it. They looked at the definition on their phones and while Kristine thought it was interesting, she still wasn’t quite there yet.

Kristine and Michele settled the tab and said their good-byes and headed back to their respective homes. And that is when the magic began. Kristine tossed and turned all night. She kept mulling over different variations of the word “compose” in her mind. Then, at 6 am she sat up in bed, grabbed her phone and texted “kOMpose” to Michele and stated “this is the name! I got it!”

How did Kristine get to this variation of the word “compose”? As she tossed and turned in bed, she broke the word down into 3 essential parts and focused on their meanings:

“pose” = the poses (also known as asanas) in yoga are designed to help you move energy in the body and release emotional stress and trauma that has been stored in the body unconsciously forward and bring it to a conscious level.

“OM” = the release of the emotional tension in the body allows you to expand your energy and get closer to the infinite or absolute consciousness of the Universe. This is the ultimate goal with yoga.

“K” = Kristine, the individual whose passion and love for yoga created the vision behind the space. It was important to Kristine that the environment in the studio allowed students to feel comfortable and safe to discover themselves more deeply on the mat and begin to create their own unique transformational life journey.

And so “compose” became “kOMpose”, our lovely yoga studio located in Broad Ripple, Indiana.