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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us.
We are grateful for the kind words and pleased to find that our services can be helpful to so many people!  


Wonderful atmosphere, supportive yoga instructors, a very friendly, non-judgmental yoga environment. 100% will attend another class here.
—Emma B

I had a really great and fun experience today at this yoga studio. It was also my first time even taking a yoga class and the instructor was very patient and gentle with me. I'm very grateful for them having me and I can't wait to come back.
—Lanyya W

This yoga studio is home! The instructors are all extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Kristine the owner is super passionate and I love her story. There is ample parking in the back, but also street parking available in front for free. The studio is clean, inviting, and relazing! I signed up for the $30 a month unlimited April special they were running and have absolutely gotten my money's worth. I will be signing up for more once I'm done my first 30 days. LOVE kOMpose!
—Jen M

"Let's go to lunch, oh but first we're going to do yoga," she said. At first I was looking for every excuse to get out of this.  After a quick self pep talk, I was on my way. 

I arrive. Parking wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The studio is very cute and relaxing. I go to sign up. "They are running a fantastic special of 30 days for $30 for new members. You should totally do that," says friend.  

A single session is $19. I have no idea what the going rate for a yoga class is, but I decided why not, makes sense. It was already decided by my friend that we would go again the next day to ensure we got our money's worth. 

So I love to work out, but I'm no yogi. And here I am with my 30 day pass. I expected to fall on my face and be severely embarrassed. However, my experience at KOMpose was the exact opposite. The instructor was awesome. I felt completely comfortable and even though I had to be moved a few times it wasn't called out nor did anyone pay attention. It was awesome! 

We went again on Sunday. My friend and I were the only two in the class. Again, wonderful instructor. So informative and helped me so much on form. Honestly, it was the best experience. 

They offer a variety of classes for every level. Times are pretty good. They don't have any early morning classes (like 5 or 6 a.m.), but they said they are working on that. 

I plan to make the best out of my 30 day pass. Even bought a mat (they do loan those out). I've never been to a yoga studio so I don't have much to judge it by, but I really enjoyed KOMpose and the two instructors I had. I'm looking forward to experiencing some of their other classes.
—Christina N

Beautiful studio in a great location. The instructors are extremely qualified and helpful. The yoga experience is the best I've ever had. You leave feeling rejuvenated and sore from a  great workout.
—Nicole B

I've been frequenting kOMpose a little more regularly now. I have to say, I feel at home when I'm at this place. Sometimes yoga studios can feel uncomfortable and a little stuffy. There can be a vibe of competition in the air, and people have their groups that they stick too with the regulars. Sometimes the teachers will favor those regulars. Not at kOMpose. 

Every time I've been in, I felt welcomed and part of the group. The space itself is beautiful and relaxing and the teachers push you to do your best and really focus inward. That's what yoga is all about, right? 

They offer a lot of specials on class packages to help keep it affordable as well. Definitely worth the investment and worth checking out. Namaste.
—Jenna R

A great space, caring group of instructors, and nice people to practice with. Even though I am a beginner and out of shape, I get nothing but encouragement.
—Liz J

I love my new yoga studio! Everyone is so dedicated and compassionate about yoga and teaching the students. They offer a good amount of classes of different skill levels and times. And all of their pricing packages are very fair and affordable. Nice welcoming studio space with good instructors and in hip Broad Ripple too. All you can ask for in a yoga studio! Come check it out.
—Bruce K

I love everything about this yoga studio. They offer all different yoga flows and are available throughout the week. I have taken the vinyasa flow at lunch time and the buti yoga. Buti yoga is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It's high energy but a flow at the same time. You get the chance to feel like you are doing high intensity interval training without any of the impact on your joints and limbs. The owner, Kristine, is an impeccable leader. I have seen her speak at linking Indy women and have been able to speak with her myself. She is a joy to be around and an inspiration for anyone and any body! It's not always about chasing your dreams but doing what's right for your mind, body, and soul! Thanks for bringing this wonderful studio to Broad Ripple.
—Morgan S

This is such a special place! The owner is warm and friendly, and it is full of uplifting words, colors, smaller and vibes! I had the pleasure of taking my first Buti yoga class and was blown away by this powerful practice. I would recommend this studio to anyone looking for a personal and inviting space to explore their practice. Thank you for your labor of love.
—Amanda H

kOMpose is a wonderful yoga studio located in Broad Ripple. The staff is friendly and they have created a small community which builds people up and empowers you. I highly recommend!
—Morgan S


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