class descriptions

A helpful way to find the best class for you!

Flow + Restore

A balanced practice designed to uplift and relax you and to help ground you for the rest of your day. The class starts with centering and slow flow, pulsing between alignment and flowing movement to warm the body and create deeper connection of breath and body. The class then transitions to restorative poses, using yoga props for support and relaxation. Pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, and/or visualization may be incorporated into classes as well for deep integration of your whole being. This class is available for students of all levels and ability

Power Flow

Power Flow is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students move from one pose to another while connecting breath with movement.  This class is heated to 85 degrees and incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina. The teacher will offer variations and modifications to allow students to up-level their practice or take it down a notch to make it more relaxing.

Vinyasa Flow

A 60 minute vinyasa class that incorporates conscious breath work with dynamic and energetic vinyasa flows designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility in the mind and body. The teacher will provide modifications of the different poses to meet varying skill levels among the students in the class. All levels are welcome. 

Yin Yoga

An all levels class, Yin Yoga is a slow paced yoga focused on floor based poses that are passively held for several minutes. In contrast to more active Yang, muscle-focused practices, Yin Yoga focuses on improving circulation in the joints and lubricating the connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, and tendons). Yin Yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body (nadis) to release blockages and increase your energy flow. Stress-relieving breath techniques and meditation topics may also be incorporated.

Yin Yoga is also great for reducing stress in the body and mind. Holding poses without distraction for several minutes teaches us to relax. We begin to release tension that is deeply engrained in our muscles.

Yoga For Every Body

A 60 minute vinyasa class incorporating breath, movement and proper alignment. Linking your movement with your breath, flow through postures that are suitable for all levels with an emphasis on fundamental postures and mindful movement. Modifications are offered encouraging each practitioner to move into the poses to their own degree. Find peace in your mind and stillness in your body.

Yoga HIIT Fusion

Yoga HIIT Fusion will get your heart rate up while building strengthen and toning your entire body.  A yoga HIIT session integrates high-intensity interval training moves into your yoga practice to help you burn calories and get strong.

Zen Flow

Zen Flow is a perfect balance of effort and ease by combining Yang-inspired asana poses with calming, Yin-style restorative poses. This class begins with a more rigorous vinyasa practice designed to create warmth in the body and to mentally and physically prepare students for the practice. In the second half of the class, the pace slows down and students engage in Yin-based poses that explore flexibility, strength and range of motion.  When you leave class, you will feel balanced and calm.