Katarina, RYT-200

Katarina’s first encounter with yoga in 2012 was quite uneventful. It wasn’t until she came back for her second class two years later that something had shifted and was never the same. She knew immediately that yoga will be major part of her life.

After moving to Indianapolis, she was fortunate to study under the amazing Ahna Hoke. She never thought that it would be in Indianapolis where she would find the perfect teacher to fuel her passion for yoga.

Teaching yoga has quickly become one of her biggest passion. What she enjoys the most is how it allows her to be fully and completely present during the class. It is a level of presence she has never experienced before. In her class, students are guided in breathing and intention to cultivate openness and softness in every pose. Katarina also really enjoys enhancing students practice through the hands on assists. She understands that every body operates differently, and that the same pose will look and feel differently for each student.

Her personal yoga practice is the practice of her heart because yoga allows her to be who she truly is. To her, yoga is a path to deeper understanding. It is a tool to connect body, mind, and spirit. It is a tool to cultivating courage, strength, compassion, kindness and love that are all so inherent to all of us.