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Detox to Retox Flow with Kristine - kOMpose Members Only

This is a special Detox to Retox class, free for kOMpose Members only.

Let's celebrate the end of summer with a 75-minute Detox Flow that will focus on restoring mind, body, and spirit. Kristine will lead the class through a dynamic flow incorporating twists, mild inversions & binds that stimulate the digestive, immune and lymph systems, with the goal of cleansing the system and improving the body's performance. Twists in yoga aid in the removal of lactic acid, lymphatic fluid in the deep tissues that can be hard to reach, and also removing carbon dioxide to keep the body clean.

After this detoxifying flow, join us for an End of Summer Social at Just Pop In in Broad Ripple! All members are welcome to attend for a glass of bubbly and snacks!