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Ease Into Autumn: Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra Workshop

As the year transitions to cooler, darker months, it's time to slow down and dive inward, renew and find clarity.

Autumn is about drawing our outward, active energies inward and back to center. We are inseparable from the ebb and flow of natures changing energies, so we too feel this pull to turn inward and slow down. This change in energies that we feel as we ease into Autumn, supports our need to pause, let go and gain perspective on any Mental, Physical and Emotional growth that took place over the summer.

Join Kristen Barfield as we begin to align with the season of Autumn and nourish ourselves from the inside out. The Yin practice will work with long held, passive poses that target the deeper tissues of the body, exploring the lines of energy associated with Autumn. We will work deep into the tissues to explore the interplay of expansion and contraction along the upper torso.

Through this practice of physical sensation and cultivation of stillness, we have any opportunity for deeper internal observation and reflection - getting a clearer picture of who we are. 

After the Yin practice Kristen will guide you through a 30 minute Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra, also known as dynamic sleep, prompts the body to relax deeply while the mind remains inwardly alert - ultimately reaching a state between wakefulness and sleep. A deeply healing practice, 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equals approximately 2 hours of deep sleep.

Join Kristen as we honor the change in season and explore the inward pull of our energy to find balance and clarity!

Early Bird Pricing (on or before 9/28): $25
Regular Pricing (on or before 9/28): $30

Earlier Event: September 30
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Later Event: October 12
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